Disperse raises $15 million for computer vision that tracks construction site progress
At its core, Disperse is all about helping companies track progress across construction projects to identify inefficiencies, through capturing imagery and using computer vision to spot issues as soon ...

Did a Ghost Inhabit This Computer, or Was It a Long Con?
The green light of the computer cursor pulsated in the darkness of the cottage, its rhythmic glow lending an otherworldly atmosphere to the roommates’ usually cozy abode. Walking up the path to their ...

These Are the Celebrities Most Likely to Give You a Computer Virus
New York (AP) -- Actress Alexis Bledel has been bookish and sweet on "Gilmore Girls" and "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." But the actress herself is now officially dangerous. Cybersecurity firm ...

Watch a high schooler be completely unimpressed when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows up to his computer science class: 'Who's Jeff Bezos?'
Jeff Bezos made a surprise appearance Monday at a Washington, DC high school to visit an Amazon-funded computer science class.

Computer science classes break down cultural barriers, study shows
"My mother is OK with [the class] because I am the first person in the family using a computer," a Somali girl told interviewers. For the study, researchers observed classes, interviewed teachers and ...

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