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3B Scientific U61010-115, Sek 115V 50/60Hz Ultrasonic Waves C6435D
# 0Eb716168

3B Scientific U61010-115, Sek 115V 50/60Hz Ultrasonic Waves C6435D

662 USD

SEK 115V 50/60Hz Ultrasonic Waves Note: The 1014529 SEK Ultrasonic Waves is for operation with a mains voltage of 115 V (±10%) Extensive equipment set incorporating 30 student experiments for demonstrating the fundamental properties of waves using the example of 40 kHz ultrasonic waves

1 017 264 USB Oscilloscope 2×50 MHz Analogue-Multimeter (for experiments marked **) e. g

When using an analogue voltmeter which is unsuitable for measuring alternating voltages of frequencies up to 40 kHz additionally required: 1 018 750 Ultrasonic Adapter Lead

Contents: 1 Ultrasonic control unit 2 Ultrasonic transmitters, 40 kHz 1 Ultrasonic pen 1 Holder for ultrasonic pen 1 Holder base for ultrasonic pen 1 Microphone probe 2 Beam splitters 3 Clamps for beam splitters 1 Fresnel zone plate 1 Concave mirrors 2 Side pieces for double slit/reflectors 1 Centre post for double slit 1 Clap for double slit 1 Ultrasonic absorber 2 BNC cables, 1 m 1 Cable, BNC/4-mm 1 Plug-in power supply Includes instruction for 30 experiments on CD: Display of sound oscillations on an oscilloscope * Relationship between oscillations and waves * Comparison of oscillations at two points along a wave * Analysis of phase relationships using an ultrasonic «pen» * Determination of wavelength and velocity of sound How velocity of sound depends on temperature Transmission characteristic of ultrasonic transmitters ** Resonance curve for ultrasonic transducers * Transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves ** Absorption of ultrasonic waves ** Superimposition of sinusoidal oscillations * Constructive and destructive reinforcement when sinusoidal oscillations are superimposed * Recording of wave fronts using ultrasonic pen Generation and detection of straight wave fronts Diffraction of ultrasonic waves by an edge Diffraction of ultrasonic waves by a single slit Interference between two beams ** Law of reciprocity for interference between two beams ** Diffraction by a double slit ** Phase relationships for diffraction by a double slit I * Phase relationships for diffraction by a double slit I ** Formation of images by a spherical concave mirror ** Plotting of Fresnel zones ** Formation of images by a Fresnel zone plate ** Interference of ultrasonic waves by Lloyd’s mirror ** Design of a simple interferometer ** Design of a Michelson interferometer ** Elimination of interference by interrupting the path * Generation of standing ultrasonic waves ** Beats in ultrasonic waves * Doppler effect in ultrasonic waves Dual-channel oscilloscope (for experiments marked *) e. g

In order to measure ultrasonic amplitudes, it is sufficient in many cases to use an analogue voltmeter

Stored in a tough Gratnell’s tray with foam inlay

1 013 526 Analogue Multimeter ESCOLA 30 suitable for measuring alternating voltages of frequencies up to 40 kHz

Includes two ultrasonic transmitters, a rod-shaped microphonic sensor for recording and analysing oscillations using a standard oscilloscope and an ultrasonic pen for recording wave fronts along the desktop in the form of lines of the same phase (isophases)

92 100