Pro surfer Alex Gray shares personal tragedy in talks to kids about drug use, vaping
Pro surfer Alex Gray takes questions from students after he gives a talk about vaping and drug use (his brother died of a heroin overdose) as part of a new program through South Bay Families Connected ...

Mercedes App Accidentally Gives Other Drivers Access To Personal Data
While the app was taken down soon after the issue was reported, citing maintenance reasons, there was still a point where they could view other drivers' phone numbers, recent activity, and personal ...

Author Spreads Holocaust Survivor's Tale In A Personal Way
As allen martin reports, this week's Jefferson Award winner is telling one of those stories, but in a very personal way. (10/16/19) Fort Collins Coloradoan Like us on Facebook to see similar stories ...

The best breathalyzers for personal use
Stay safe and never drive while under the influence of alcohol. These are the best personal breathalyzers to keep tabs on your blood alcohol content.

Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief weighs in on Personal Coaching
Some employees are turning to life coaches to maximize both their personal and professional potential. Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health Liz Plosser, joins On The Move to discuss.

How UT Austin Won a Personal Injury Case Hinged on Recreational Use of Public Property
Whether a bicyclist was riding on government property for recreation or not was the deciding factor in a personal-injury lawsuit that the Texas Supreme Court decided in favor of a government agency ...

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