Fort Worth defense contractor charged with felony for using cheap, substandard parts for U.S. tanks, other weapons
His latest company, Vista Machining Co., has supplied the Pentagon with parts for tanks, aircraft and other military equipment — mostly hardware and machined metals — since 2008. But inspectors said ...

Dealerships can sell more factory parts by improving industry coding in their database
Automotive service and the sale of original equipment-branded parts are increasingly lucrative businesses for automakers and their franchised dealerships. As new-vehicle sales slip, manufacturers and ...

JICA turns over new power distribution equipment to NEA
These types of trucks are a crucial component of power distribution management because these facilitate the transfer of equipment and mobility of personnel in the maintenance of power lines and other ...

Range Oven Door Seal 07Ad26
# 44789393

Range Oven Door Seal 07Ad26

156 USD

This oven door seal (part number 316277900) is for ranges.Oven door seal 316277900 creates a seal around the oven door to prevent heat from escaping from the closed oven.Let the oven cool before installing this part

Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

98 100